Mexicayotl Academy, Nogales/Tucson


Mexica: All Tribes

Yotl: The Heart Of The Community

Learning because of who we are,
to become critical thinkers within a process of learning through application, resulting in the full spectrum of “Interculturalism”

Aprendiendo por lo que somos,
para convertirnos en pensadores criticos, con un proceso de aprendizaje a traves de la aplicación, la cual esta su base en la cultura e identidad, dando como resultado un marco total de conocimiento “Intercultural”


Scientists around the globe agree that we all must do our share  to take care of our planet. This means making changes to our daily lives to reduce global warming and reducing the use of chemicals that deplete the Earth's protective ozone layer.

Green World is a term Mexicayotl Academy uses to talk about taking care of the planet and not overusing the resources that we all share. If you want to make a difference, the best way to start is to follow these three principles

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reduce means to use less of everything: less energy, less paper, less gas, and less water. It means to ride a bike or drive a hybrid car, and to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.
Reuse means to find new uses for your old products. Turn a pair of jeans into a cool purse, or use broken flower pots and create mosaic for a table or photo frame. Use newspapers to make papier mache art for a friend.
Recycle means to take your used products like cans, bottles, plastics, and paper and donate them to groups that turn them into new products.

Students understand their identity as a foundation to develop and work effectively in today's global society. Cultural instruction includes international bi-national and regional aspects to create a wider range of human interaction.

Educación Intercultural

Los estudiantes comprenden que su identidad es la base para desatollar y trabajar efectivamente en la sociedad global de hoy. Conócete conóceme relacionate trabaja La instrucción cultural incluye aspectos internacionales, bi-nacionales y reginales para crear una gama más ancha de interacción humana.

Intercultural Education 

Research Based Instructional Model: Simultaneous literacy: reading development in both languages starting in kindergarten. Second-language development integrated into science and social studies materials for all grade levels.

Educación Bilingüe

Alfabetización simultánea: desarrolla de la lectura y escritura en los dos idiomas a partir de Kinder. El Desarolla del segundo idioma es integrado al contenido de la ciencia y estudios sociales en todos los grados.


Language Education